Here are various directions to Hollywood Cottage, plus a few other useful links so you've no excuse to get lost!

You can get online directions from the likes of Google Maps.

Here is the postal address of the cottage:

SA19 8NZ
Wales, UK

Directions from M4/South Wales – motorway route

Directions from England – the scenic route

Although this route is on A roads after Swindon it is about 30 miles shorter than the motorway route. So taking this into account, how busy the South-Wales stretch of the M4 can get on a Friday/Saturday and the fact this road takes you through some gorgeous scenery past the Brecon Beacons it is well worth considering.

Directions from Lampeter

Lampeter is the closest town to the cottage, so this is for anyone coming on one of the multitude of ways from the North or just coming back from a day at the coast.

Warning for those using a GPS/SatNav

I've been told by those high-tech customers of ours that if you use a SatNav to get to the cottage it can bring in from a different direction to that described above. This is only a problem if we've had a lot of rain as it brings you over the ford, which very quickly becomes impassable. So in this situation it's best to use your GPS to get to Ffarmers then use the directions above to avoid the ford. Also, the postal code (SA19 8NZ) only covers two properties but online maps highlight the neighbours house rather than Llwyncelyn, again the other side of the ford.

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