Hollywood Cottage Inventory


Two frying pans


Two chairs plus cushions Salad bowl Toilet and bath mat
Double bed Colander Toilet brush
Two bedside tables Toast rack Shaving mirror
Three lamps Measuring jug Swing bin
Bedcovers + cushions Cake baking tin Candles
Two flokoti rugs Small cake baking tray

Living Room

TV (Connected to roof aerial) Roasting pan Three piece sofa
DVD Player Scales Table and four chairs
Plant Pestle and mortar Telephone
Iron Grater Book shelf
Ironing board Water jug Portable TV and satellite box
Vacuum cleaner   Foot stool
Spare bed sheets Cutlery set for 4: knifes, forks, teaspoons, dessert spoons Seat throws * 3
Variety of blankets and cushions Crockery for 4: Main plates, side plates, bowls Variety of DVDs
Full length mirror Variety of sharp knives Variety of CDs
Settle Can opener Variety of Books
Dressing table and mirror Cork screw Variety of games (Cards, Jenga, Dominoes)


Rolling pin Local OS maps
Single oven and solid hob Potato masher CD player
Toaster Ladle Standard lamp
Microwave Scissors Side lamps * 3
Electric Kettle Wooden spoons Flokoti rug
Fridge Bread knife Metal bin
  Whisk Two Long cushions
Swing bin Potato peeler Flokoti cushions
Recycle bin   Brown cushions
Compost bucket Spare bulbs Draft excluder
  Spare batteries Four wall pictures
Dish cloth First aid kit Stove set
Two tea towels Two torches


Pan scourer   BBQ
Oven gloves Tea-set: pot, cups and saucers  
Washing-up bowl Mugs Reclining garden chairs * 2 + cushions
Rubber gloves Coffee cups Hammock
Washing-up liquid Coffee pot Garden lanterns
Hand soap Variety of glasses Shelf unit
Kitchen foil   Axe large
Greaseproof paper Fire blanket and extinguisher Axe small


Three saucepans Teabags Garden table
Variety of Oven proof dishes Sugar Two Garden chairs cushions
  Instant coffee Bistro set (by back door)

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